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Athleema, The Sports Club- Sportify

The Athleema sports club at Asian School of Business organized Sportify at the campus (Sports arena) on 1st November, 2023. Overall, playing sports contributes to holistic personal development, promoting physical well-being, mental acumen, and positive social interactions while also fostering a sense of community and belongingness. Sports encourage the development of various skills, including teamwork, leadership, communication, and problem-solving abilities. Participation in sports teaches students discipline, time management, and the importance of balancing academics and extracurricular activities. In SPORTIFY, Athleema club organized 9 events which involved:

  1. Kho-Kho: We were showcasing the traditional Indian sport that requires agility, teamwork, and strategy. Participants displayed their skills in chasing and dodging opponents. Total number of students participated were 32, which were further divided into 3 teams, in which they played 4 matches with enthusiasm and sportsmanship. The semi-finals took place between Shiva’s team, and Nayasa Kumari’s team, in which Nayasa’s team emerged as the victor of the match.
  2. Chess: The club hosted chess tournaments, attracting chess enthusiasts of all skill levels. Players competed in a series of matches, displaying their strategic thinking and tactical prowess on the board. Participation by the students stood for 23 in number in which 4 rounds were conducted between them. In the last round, the finals was between Pratik Dixit BBA (2023) and Divyansh BCA (2021) and the winner of the finals was Pratik Dixit BBA (2023).
  3. Carrom: Carrom competitions were held, with players demonstrating their precision and aiming skills. This classic table-top game brought together members for a friendly yet competitive atmosphere. Total number of students participated were 26, which were further divided into 7 teams in round 1 after that winners from every team entered into the 2nd round where again 3 teams were formed which took us to final round where 3 positions came in: 1st position- Nitish Kumar of (2022), 2nd position- Ansh Singhal BBA (2022), 3rd position- Anuj Singh (2022).
  4. Shot Put: Athleema Sports Club organized shot put competitions, allowing athletes to demonstrate their strength and technique in this field event. Participants competed to see who could throw a heavy metal ball the farthest. We recorded mix participation from boys and girls of 15 candidates, where 3 positions were bagged by following students: 1st position- Aryansh BBA (BBA) (2022), 2ND position- Mukul Rathore BBA (2023), 3rd position-Satyansh BBA, (2023) in boys & 1st Position – Neikhokhim ( 2023) & runner up – Siri Singh (BBA 2023).
  5. 50-Meter Dash: Sprinters raced in the 50-meter dash, showcasing their speed and explosiveness. The competition emphasized short bursts of energy and quick acceleration. Total number of participation stood at 38 from which following students bagged positions –

1st position Satyam (Bcom 2023), 2nd position – (bba 2022), 3rd Ahmed Mohsin (Bcom 2023). & girls

1st position – Neikhokhim ( bcom 2023), 2nd position – Ishita Rawat (bca 2023), 3rd position – Anjali (bba 2023).

  1. Volleyball: The club hosted volleyball tournaments, where teams battled it out on the court, displaying their teamwork, spiking, and blocking skills. The matches provided an exciting and energetic atmosphere. Total number of students participated were 24 from which 6 students were there in each team and winners were Team B whose captain was Rajat Singh 2022.
  2. Basketball: Basketball enthusiasts gathered for intense matches in the club’s basketball courts. The sport emphasized dribbling, passing, and shooting, with participants showcasing their skills and teamwork. 6 Enthusiastic students participated in this sports which were divided into 2 teams and the winner was Team B whose captain was Neikhokim of B.COM (2023).
  3. Kabaddi: Athleema Sports Club organized Kabaddi events, where teams displayed their strength, agility, and strategy in the traditional Indian contact sport. The objective was to tag as many opponents as possible while chanting “kabaddi-kabaddi”. 21 Students participated in this sport which were divided into 3 teams. The winner was team B.
  4. Tug-of-War: Tug-of-War competition brought out the strength and teamwork of participants as they tried to pull the opposing team over a designated line. The matches were intense & displayed physical prowess. Total number of participants were 51 which were divided into 4 teams and there were 4 rounds including the finale which was between team 1 and team 2. 1st position was with team 4 and 2nd position was with team 2 and 3rd position was with team-3.

These diverse events and activities at Athleema Sports Club provided opportunities for members to engage in a wide range of sports, promoting physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship. The club fostered a sense of community and healthy competition among its members.