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Brandwiz 1.0

In today’s economic environment, where marketing and sales jobs are riddled with unpredictability, more and more people want to excel at their skills and knowledge; Asian School of Business, Noida, organised a Manager’s club activity on March 15, 2023, Brandwiz 1.0. Brands are the backbone of any company. A good branding and marketing team could bring a lot of strength to the company’s business. The basic objective of the activity was to enhance the curiosity of students about the brands and their importance in creating a successful business empire. The activity was divided into three stages where in:

Round 1-Quizetto: Cross the Fence: The students in a team of 2–5 participated in an online brand quiz, and the top 20 teams were selected for the second round along with a virtual coin balance as per their scores.

Round 2: Rapido | The Speed Test: The shortlisted teams then participated in a brand quiz that had two stages. In stage 1, every team was asked 10 questions, and in stage 2, a rapid-fire round was conducted. The top 10 teams with the best overall score were shortlisted for the final round, and their virtual coin balance was given to them again as per their scores.

Synergy || The Finale: In the final round, all the teams participated in the auction of brands and selected 2 brands as per their coin balance from the 2 lists shown to them. Every team was then given 20 minutes to prepare a collaborative pitch and present it to the judges. In the end, the team with the highest score in the final round was declared the winner, and the team with the second highest score was declared the runner-up.

The evaluation was based on:

  1. Creativity
  2. Technical feasibility of collaboration
  3. Financial returns from collaborations
  4. Time management.

This activity was different from other marketing activities in that the students got an opportunity to showcase their marketing skills and knowledge at the same time.