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March 2024 was an exceptional month for the Asian School of Business (ASB), marked by a series of intellectual and competitive events that highlighted the diverse talents and capabilities of its students. The month commenced with the Budget Conclave 6.0, organized by the Manager’s Club on March 6. This event saw the participation of around 50 students divided into 12 teams, each representing a different industry. Each team had a speaker who presented a 10-minute analysis on past trends and future requirements of their respective industry. The conclave not only enhanced the students’ understanding of the budget but also honed their skills in interpreting and analyzing economic trends, fostering a deeper comprehension of the financial landscape.

Following this, on March 15, Gnosis, the literary club, hosted the second edition of the Literary Conclave 2.0. This eagerly awaited event provided a versatile platform for students to exhibit their literary talents through a variety of activities. The Spell Bee tested participants’ vocabulary and word formation skills, while the Book Review and Documentary Review segments allowed students to critique literary works and documentaries with social or entrepreneurial themes. The Open Mic session offered a space for spontaneous speeches on broad themes, and the Literary Quiz challenged participants’ knowledge of the literary world. This conclave not only celebrated literary prowess but also encouraged critical thinking and public speaking skills.

On March 20, the Human Values and Counselling Cell (HVCC) organized the Model G20 Summit 2.0, an event that simulated the prestigious global summit. With 63 delegations and a 20-member organizing committee, students engaged in in-depth discussions on the theme “LiFe: Lifestyle for Environment.” This event emphasized the importance of sustainability and financial strategies beneficial to G20 countries. Participants developed skills in negotiation, influential speaking, collaboration, and team strategy, simulating the roles of world leaders and contributing to a better understanding of global issues and diplomatic negotiations.

In addition to these in-house events, ASB students also excelled in external competitions. On April 19, Moulik Thukral, Ragini, and Khushi Jain of BBA 2021 secured the first position at the AllocationOX Event – Budget: A Banker’s Perspective, held at Symbiosis Noida, outshining 146 other teams. Earlier, on March 7, ASB students dominated the Pitch Craft competition at Manthan, NDIM, Delhi, with Snehil Singh Rajput of BBA 2023 winning the first position, and Moulik Thukral and Sanat Jain of BBA 2021 clinching the second and third positions respectively. On the same day, Shubham Roy of BBA 2023 won the second position and a cash prize of Rs. 5000 at the Business Plan Competition held at the Indian Institute of Arts and Design.

Rohan Sharma of BCOM 6th Semester was announced to be Student of the Month for March for his exceptional academic record in every semester and determination towards growth.

Overall, March 2024 was a month of remarkable achievements and enriching experiences for ASB students, who showcased their academic excellence, literary talents, and competitive spirit across various platforms, both internal and external.