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Confluence Feb, 2024

Asian School of Business recently hosted a series of Confluence events, bringing together students from various batches and disciplines to celebrate academic achievements and foster a sense of community spirit.

The 2nd Confluence of 2024 was held on 2nd February for BBA & BCA 2023 batch, followed by the 3rd Confluence involving BBA, BCOM, and BCA students from the 2022 batch on 6th February, and finally, the 4th Confluence centered around the BCA 2021 batch on 9th February. Each event was marked by an atmosphere of enthusiasm and fervor as students came together to engage in meaningful discussions and activities.

Throughout the Confluence events, students were apprised of past industrial visits and extracurricular activities organized by ASB, in the months of November, December, and January.
One of the highlights of the Confluence gatherings was the Award ceremony for various events, including Sportify, Model United Nations (MUN), Web-a-thon 2.0, Spandan, National Library Week, and the 75th Republic Day celebrations. The anticipation was palpable as students eagerly awaited the announcement of winners and celebrated their peers’ accomplishments. Additionally, the event featured recognition for the ‘Student of the Month’ and Semester toppers, who delivered inspiring speeches, motivating their fellow students to strive for excellence.

This was followed by Dean-Academics delivering a motivational talk, uplifting the morale of all student batches and encouraging them to pursue their academic and personal goals with determination. Furthermore, students were invited to actively participate in the Open forum by sharing their questions and innovative ideas for further discussion and potential implementation, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovative practices within ASB.

The Confluence drew to a close with the inauguration of “The Zine” – a monthly newsletter designed to keep students informed about campus news, upcoming events, and opportunities for involvement. The students were encouraged to share their articles to get published in the upcoming month’s Zine.

In conclusion, the Confluence served as a platform for students to come together, celebrate their achievements, and engage in meaningful dialogue, fostering a sense of camaraderie and academic excellence within the ASB community. With initiatives like “The Zine” and ongoing efforts to promote student involvement, ASB continues to nurture a vibrant and inclusive learning environment, empowering students to excel both academically and personally.