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The Asian School of Business (ASB) witnessed an eventful February 2024, marked by a series of dynamic events that showcased the talents, creativity, and competitive spirit of its students. The month kicked off with Sportify 2.0, organized by the Athleema Club from 5th to 7th February. This sports extravaganza included a variety of activities such as Table Tennis, Kho-Kho, Volleyball, Basketball, Chess, and Carrom, providing students with ample opportunities to demonstrate their athletic prowess, teamwork, and sportsmanship. The event successfully fostered a sense of community and healthy competition among participants.

Following closely, on 14th and 15th February, the Manager’s Club hosted “Chase the Maze,” a two-day event that engaged BBA, B.Com, and BCA students in a series of intellectually stimulating activities. The event began with a business quiz, testing students on taglines, logos, famous personalities, and business awareness. Those who excelled in the quiz advanced to the next round—a treasure hunt in the sports arena. This round emphasized teamwork and problem-solving as participants navigated through clues to uncover the hidden treasure. The event not only encouraged critical thinking and creativity but also reinforced the importance of collaboration.

In parallel to these activities, the Asian School of Business played a significant role in the DigiShakti Scheme, initiated by the Uttar Pradesh Government. The scheme aimed to empower youth by distributing smartphones to students from the batches of 2020, 2021, and 2022, thereby enhancing their digital literacy and accessibility to educational resources.

On 21st February, the Entrepreneurship Development Incubation Center (EDIC) organized Conundrum 1.0, a competition designed to enhance problem-solving abilities and creativity among students. The event saw participation from 23 teams, each consisting of 5 to 10 members. Participants were tasked with analyzing case studies and presenting insights through role-playing scenarios, thus applying theoretical knowledge to practical challenges. The event was a testament to the students’ ability to think critically and collaborate effectively in a business context.

The month culminated with significant achievements by ASB students at external events. ASBians of 2023 batch Ahmad Mohsin & Keshav Gupta goaled 2nd position in Football Intercollege competition held at Army Institute of Management & Technology on 9th – 10th Feb, 2024.

During the annual fest at Don Bosco Institute of Technology on 23rd and 24th February, ASB students showcased their talents in various cultural and technical competitions. Notable victories included Jiya Khajuria winning the first prize in Mono Act, Ojaswee Mohanty securing the top spot in poster making, and Moulik Thukral excelling in Flip-back. Additionally, Raghavendra Sahay and Shaswat Singh achieved second place in the Technical Debate, highlighting the academic and intellectual standards of ASB students.

Lastly, on 29th February, ASB students participated in the Business Plan competition at Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Professional Studies, Dwarka. Competing against 21 teams, ASB’s representatives emerged victorious, receiving commendations and raising the institution’s flag high.

Eshita of BBA 6th Semester was announced to be Student of the Month for February for her diligence, commitment and participation in every academic & co-curricular activities of ASB.

Overall, February 2024 was a month of remarkable achievements and vibrant activities at the Asian School of Business, demonstrating the diverse talents and dedication of its students across various domains.