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Farewell 2022

On the 4th of June 2022, the students of the 2020 batch hosted “Farewell 2022”, a party to bid farewell to the students of the 2019-22 batch with great enthusiasm in an emotionally charged atmosphere.

Farewell 2022 party was organised at the college premises where all the passing out students along with their juniors had a lot of fun together. At Farewell 2022 seniors received a warm welcome from the juniors as they entered, wearing elegant attire.

The programme of Farewell 2022 began with the juniors’ performances. The juniors enthusiastically performed farewell songs for the seniors; they sang the goodbye songs, which again created an ambience full of emotions. The programme was then followed by the group dance performances, where the juniors gave outstanding performances on traditional and modern Hindi movie songs. The juniors created an ambience of enjoyment and music for the seniors to enjoy their last memories at the college. Furthermore, the event was made memorable with the flashback memories that were shared by some seniors in the speech that created an emotional moment.

Later, the programme was followed by the award ceremony and title distribution. Aryan Raghav and Gargi Sachdeva of BBA bagged the titles of Mr. Farewell 2022 and Ms. Farewell 2022, respectively. Different titles were given to the seniors, keeping in mind their calibre and capability they have shown throughout the session.

As the performances at were so splendid, the judges for the event- Dr Shweta Batra and Mrs Preeta R Sivaraman addressed the students and wished them Good luck and well-being for their future. Furthermore, Dean ASB – Dr. Maroof Ahmad Mir along with other faculty members wished all the students luck for their future endeavours. They asked them to do their best and face life challenges with confidence.

The farewell 2022 Programme ended with a beautiful Flash mob which was followed by some refreshments for students and teachers.

In all the day of Farewell 2022 was full of fun, excitement and nostalgia.