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Utsav-The Cultural Club, at Asian School of Business, organised ‘Festive Togetherness’ on October 19th, 2022 at AEG premises with great enthusiasm and glory, much accentuated by the glorious competitions that included Dance Battle, Singing, Rangoli, and Painting Competition. Each competition was intended to bring out the inbuilt talents of the students, boost confidence, and enhance the creativity to be presented in front of their peers.

With a total of 85 registrations, more than 150 students participated in the intra-college competition. Several rounds of competitions in all four categories—Dance Battle, Singing, Rangoli, and Painting—were played with teams from different courses showcasing their talent, enthusiasm, and team spirit. After the zeal of the day, the valedictory function for the day was held at the end of the day to felicitate students for their exemplary performance and zealous participation in the competitions. The distinguished guests for the function included Prof. Himani Kargeti, Prof. Shyla, Prof. Suvidha Agarwal, and Prof. Soma Das from the Asian School of Business.

The winning trophy and certificates for the competition were taken by Amit and Khushi Shrivastava from BCA 2nd year as 1st position holders, with the teams of Arpita Thakur and Shlok Mishra from BBA 1st year and Riya Prasad and Harshita Rai from BBA second year taking second and third position in the Rangoli competition. The Dance Battle showcased the dancing skills of the students along with the presence of mind. Srishti and Smruthi Puskuru from BBA 2nd year won the 1st position, and Nikitasha Sharma and Aanchal Singh from BBA 2nd year and Ojasvee Mohanty from BBA 1st year took away the second and third positions, respectively. Another competition dealt with the sweet and melodious voices of the students. The competition ended with the declaration of the results, with Kushagra Yadav from BBA 2nd year taking away the winning trophy. Apoorva Pandey from BBA 2nd year and Mehul Kumar from BCA 1st year managed to win second and third place respectively. The day also marked the presence of talented participants in a painting competition. Gaurvi from BCOM 1st year and Bhumika Sharma from BCA 1st year took away the winning and runner-up positions.

The event turned out to be a huge success and left behind a trail of great memories and achievements, along with a boost in festive vibes among the students.