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Steal the Show – Hunt for the Master of Ceremony

Objective: Gnosis, the literary club of Asian School of Business organized a very successful activity, “Steal the Show” on 16th October. The activity aimed at identifying the students who are inclined to master the ceremonies as a powerful host. The main focus of activity was

  • To inculcate working knowledge of stage and confidence in students
  • To nurture and motivate speaking proficiency of students.
  • To develop and build fluency and voice tonality in students.

The students had the option to opt either for formal or informal track and present a two minute powerful hosting presentation. In the formal category, students could choose from any of the following options:

  • Model United Nations
  • G20
  • Budget Conclave
  • International Conference
  • Guest Talk

And in the informal category, students opted for events like:

  • Fresher’s
  • Kasschet
  • Farewell Party

Outcome: The students who participated in the formal category, presented their powerful performances in the auditorium while as the students in the informal category presented in the Moot Court. The students were pretty enthusiastic during the participation as around 75 students presented their scripts, both in formal and informal track. The judges for the event, for the formal track, were Ms. Akanksha Kathuria and Dr. Aakansha Singh while as Mr. Kunal Yadav judged the participants of informal track.

After the performances, based on the scores given on different parameters like content, body language, voice modulation and audience engagement, there were two winners for the formal track, Moulik Thukral from BBA-2021 batch and Sadiq Raza Rizvi from BBA-2022 batch. In the