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Web-A-Thon 2.O

“Web-A-Thon 2.O – A Web Development Competition” was being organised by Technocrat Club at Asian School Business on November 8, 2023, with the goal of introducing young minds to innovation, enthusiasm, and teamwork.

The purpose of this web design-based exercise was to demonstrate the students’ abilities in both design and presentation. All Asian School of Business students were eligible to participate in the Web-a-Thon 2.O. Students from all fields and backgrounds. Students worked in groups of three to five to develop a web site design using any kind of design software, including HTML/CSS, Figma, Sketch, Canva, WordPress, etc.

Criteria used to make judgments: – Presentation Skills; – Design and Content Quality. – Teamwork.

Following their battle for a spot in next round, the chosen teams got a design job that they completed in a set amount of time and presented to the judges at the conclusion of the activity. The same evaluation criteria as in round one would apply in that round as well. “After an exhilarating day of intense competition and creativity, our Web-a-thon, a web designing activity competition, came to a thrilling conclusion. The participants unleashed their design prowess, crafting incredible websites using the dynamic tools of HTML, CSS, Figma, and Canva. This Activity saw participation of 400 students spread across 85 teams, with students from various background and discipline participating and showcasing their creativity to the panel of judges The digital landscape was transformed as each contestant brought their unique vision to life, leaving us in awe of the innovation on display. From beautifully coded web pages to visually stunning designs, every entry was a testament to the incredible talent and dedication of our participants. The judges had a tough job, but after careful deliberation, winners have been chosen, and they will be walking away with well-deserved prizes and recognition.