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The Skeptics’ Talk, organised by the Asian School of Business

We are witnessing an era where mere hints breed ideas, and ideas change societies. The numerous ways to express your opinions and thoughts have given everyone the ability to affect, change, inspire, and so on. To be sure, power is a double-edged sword; it either enriches or destroys. What to speak, how to speak, how to filter the content, and how to weave the ideas into a coherent block are, therefore, things to be learned, explored, and practiced. Gnosis acknowledges the same and promises to deliver on it.

The Gnosis Club provided students with yet another opportunity to improve their self-confidence and persuasive speaking skills. This time, it was not just about presenting your ideas; it was about using your power of speech to pursue and rule minds. “The Skeptics’ Talk,” organised by the Asian School of Business, on 11th January 2023 was a unique and intriguing initiative aimed at developing students’ communication and debating skills. The activity was structured in two stages; in the first stage, the students will register in pairs of two, and in the second stage, which was the final event, it was divided into three segments, 1. Selection 2. Semi-final stage 3. Finalist stage

1. In the selection stage, all teams participated in the debate competition. (The topic will be announced a day before the event.)
2. In the semi-final stage, four “teams” made it to this stage, where they further debated a newly assigned topic (critical thinking topics were assigned on the spot).
3. In the final stage, two teams competed for the position.

The entire event was structured in a way to give participants a vibrant platform to allay their ghost of fear; fear of being questioned, fear of encountering an antagonistic argument, and fear of not being correct all the time. The student participated in the activity with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm.