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ASB HR Club Activity “créer la culture: 2021”

Noida, 8th December, 2021: The HR Club at Asian School of Business organised the Intra College Envisioning Organizational Culture Competition: “créer la culture: 2021″. As said, “Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with a passion”. Intra College Envisioning Organizational Culture Competitions have been organised as an essential and effective learning tool for students so that, they can get exposure to what organisational culture is all about and understand that there’s no magic formula for great company culture. Students were able to identify that culture was “soft” and learned to believe that our culture has everything to do with our bottom line, now and into the future. The students displayed their vision of culture by aptly applying analytical skills, innovative skills, designing skills, and critical thinking abilities on chart paper with a blend of sketches, colours, and shades of vibrancy and hue to display on the chart paper. Each team was told to study the cultures of Google, TCS, and Tata. Every student has to explore their organization’s culture and blend it with their innovativeness and creativity with their vision of culture. All the members will have to get involved in analysing, preparing, and presenting the organisational culture as per their vision, showcasing effective group decision-making, and teamwork in the organisational environment. The objective of the activity was to help the participants learn and identify many aspects of the organisational culture. It will help them to step into the shoes of the HR and will help them to map out new ideas, explore the concepts in more detail, and will facilitate them with a better understanding. It will make students use their creative skills and also enhance their analytical skills in understanding the corporate culture. The activity was designed to enhance confidence and critical thinking. Nominations were taken for the activity, and 20 teams participated. The number of participants in each team was 2-4, and the time limit of each team was 1 hour to share their vision on a chart paper full of creativity and innovation. 5 minutes per team will be for the judge to ask questions.

There were 2 panels of judges for the event, and the rubrics for judgement were creativity and innovativeness, teamwork and coordination, idea presentation, and concept relevance. All the faculty members and students of BBA and BCA had a great time sharing their thoughts and ideas. The winners of the event were Medha Tiwary, Madhu Tiwary, Tamanna Kotnala, Bharat Khutela, and Kushagra Yadav.

The event was an opportunity for students to create a vibrant and learning environment where they all demonstrated great strength, team spirit, and problem-solving skills. It also empowered them to take an active interest in HRM and to develop the cooperative skills needed in a cohesive world. It was an overwhelming event in which the students participated with great enthusiasm.