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Touching New Hoizon ASBIC 2022

Noida, 5th February, 2022: The R&D cell at ASB works with a Vision “To become a center of excellence in management education by focused research pursuits through interface with industry and academia”. Taking forward the vision, the Asian School of Business hosted The International Conference, ASBIC-2022: “Achieving Sustainability through Management and Technology” which serves as a platform for addressing current global issues with new solutions-envisioning 2070 with 248 authors, 130 abstracts, from 50 Universities (National and International) across 18 countries.

This conference proceeding reflected on the ground realities and a collective consensus on addressing the challenges and achieving the goals for a new India under the aegis of Vision 2070. The conference also presented a set of ideas that can provide the basis for the management of technology and innovation to promote a positive sentiment and to propel the Indian economy in the coming time by emphasizing innovation on the path of achieving Net Zero Carbon Emissions.

The conference introduced the revolution of ideas of intellectuals from academia and industry in the sustainable transition of the world. The conference indeed served as a platform to share several ways the organizations can plan, operate, acquire and manage talent, realise the market, sell and communicate and make a profit, fostering a culture of innovative technological developments.

The conference also witnessed the most adored and erudite panel of Session chairs from across the globe that chaired the technical sessions wherein authors from around the world presented their papers. Dr. Srini Sampalli, Professor, Faculty of Computer Science, Dalhousie University, Dr. Rasim Ozcan, Ibn Haldun University, Istanbul, Turkey; Dr. Vineeta Mishra, ICFAI Business School; Dr. Preeti Mishra, University of Delhi; Dr. Tanvi Gupta, CEO Young Minds and Dr. Shveta Kalra, University of Delhi honoured the Panel of Session Chairs in the conference. The Presenters from across the length of India and various International Universities, ranging to a number of 80 Presentations lent their hand in the successful completion of the conference.