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Van Mahotsav Celebration at Asian School of Business

India observes Van Mahotsav Week from July 1 to July 7 to raise awareness about preserving its forests.

The “Van Mahotsav” festival of trees, a magnificent attempt to preserve the environment, is very important to us. Native trees are frequently planted due to their ease of adaptation to local conditions, ability to fit into eco-systems, and high rate of survival. Additionally, the local fauna, which includes birds, insects, and mammals, is supported by these trees.

With the aid of saplings donated by state governments and civic organizations, educational institutions like schools, colleges, and NGOs can plant trees.

Taking forward the initiative, Asian School of Business organised a plantation drive at Apne Log’s “Street to School” NGO. Saplings were planted around the NGO’s grounds by students of Asian School of Business.

An additional drive was initiated on the college grounds, where each member of the teachers and staff received a plant to plant in their communities, thus enhancing the initiative’s dissemination.

At the event, Prof. Pritha Sengupta reminded the students that Earth is one irreplaceable planet to be cherished and protected by all. She added that as visitors on earth, it is our duty to reduce any hazards to the environment so that the air, water, and soil become cleaner and be a safer place for all of us.

At the conclusion, the professors and students made a commitment to plant as many trees as they could to improve our quality of life as well as the quality of life for our future generations.

It is crucial to begin educating students about the environmental problems of the planet and the actions we could take to mitigate pollution and make it sustainable. The plantation campaign helped our students realise the value of planting trees and inspired them to take care of the environment. As planting a tree entails caring for it and maintaining it, it was a really influential event for our students, who have since begun incorporating what they learned about the environment in their daily lives.