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“We Care” an ASB initiative

Noida, MAY 25, 2022: It is essential to know your responsibility towards society. It’s an effort to produce competitive managers with the required skill-set for today’s competitive era. Involving Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities have been widespread across diverse types of businesses in various industries and countries. As a result, it has attracted considerable amounts of interest from academia for decades, and the concept has evolved from a “social” obligation to a “stakeholder” obligation.

 The CSR club of Asian School of Business organised a visit to NGO Goonj on May 25th, 2022, in order to spread the message of “Giving back to society” by incorporating value-added activities for the students, within the course curriculum. The CSR club’s goals of developing students into responsible citizens by instilling the values of kindness and helping others, making students aware of their social responsibilities, assisting students in internalising the concept of CSR and working for the betterment of society, and sensitising students to people, society, and the environment in order to impart a sense of responsibility in them, were all met by the event.

The visit provided the students a platform to witness the process of effective utilisation of the so-called waste and its recycling into new products. The students, on behalf of the Asian School of Business, donated clothes, stationery items, toys, and many more items. The institute thinks that managers with a human face can only be created if the “to be managers” understand and accept social realities and collaborate closely with the community. To demonstrate our commitment to these goals, the club organises a variety of CSR activities throughout the year, including volunteering in non-profit organizations, working with the local community, and hosting discussion forums and lectures to disseminate knowledge, exchange ideas, and share best practices related to CSR.

It was indeed a very good experience to connect students with society, making them more enthusiastic and passionate about contributing to society.