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Yoga and Zumba at ASB- Life Skills Workshop

Equipping students with essential life skills is one of the primary objectives of the Asian School of Business. To this end, the institute organised a workshop on January 9th, featuring two sessions: one on yoga and one on Zumba. The event was held in the Sports Arena at ASB and commenced at 2.30 PM.

Grounded in the idea of holistic well-being, the workshop was intended to be a break from the routine for the students and a chance to rejuvenate themselves amidst the rigours of academic proceedings.

Students always show great zeal for recreational physical activity, and thus it was no surprise that as many as 375 students participated in the workshop.

Mr. Gupral Singh, the sports instructor at ASB, led the yoga session. Students were guided through a complete practise that began with sukhasana meditation with buzzing sounds and chanting for centering one’s attention and energy, asanas that exercised all parts of the body, and pranayama that enables participants to assimilate the nutrients of the practice.

This was followed by a Zumba session led by celebrity fitness coach and founder of Mee Studios, Ms. Meenal Pathak. The students enjoyed this session, particularly because of the contemporary feel of this activity.

At the end, both instructors were felicitated by Dr. Prity Sharma, the Head of the Department for Student Welfare.

The workshop continued the legacy of the Asian School of Business by creating a wholesome environment that facilitates the development of well-rounded individuals. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body, and with this belief, the institute will persist in its endeavours and conduct more such events in the future.