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Top 6 Lessons BBA Aspirants Can Learn from ASB

Having spent 3 years in campus, a typical student of a top BBA college in Delhi like Asian School of Business would be in a good position to guide a XII Grade student aspiring to pursue BBA course. After all, for these 3 years, Asian Business School, Noida (Delhi NCR) was like a home to him/her. The lessons that any young BBA aspirant can learn from the current crop of students at ASB include the following:

 Market Requirements

Currently, the Indian economy is growing at a very rapid pace. As the present day companies are expanding, many young brains have also come up with quite a few start-ups of their own. These companies do require candidates with excellent business knowledge. Students with BBA degree generally are in a position to form a part of business team in an organization.

 Exposure & Experience

On account ofthe nature of BBA degree, most of the candidates end up working either with the sales or the operations team in an organization. This leads to a good exposure of theirs to the market trends and improving their decisions making capabilities. During their BBA course, students are able to hone their relevant skills and are in a position to focus on current market trends. On conclusion of a BBA program, one can get a well-paid entry-level job. For those who follow up with an MBA afterwards, there are further opportunities. As a result, the candidates with decent market exposure as well as experience normally achieve decent paced growth. Those candidates generally fit into higher managerial roles within a shorter time span.

The other experience that one may mention is regarding the challenging BBA Summer Internship Program (SIP), where one gets to know about the real-world corporate life. It is under this program that one gets a chance to work in a real life dynamic environment of the modern day corporate.

 More time to learn management concepts

BBA course is a three-year course that teaches students the most fundamental concepts of management studies. The course duration is adequate enough to help them learn about a range of topics like accounting, business laws, human resource management, financial management, economics and marketing. The multi-disciplinary learning at Asian School of Business sets up a management student wonderfully for the challenging and dynamic environment of MBA / PGDM. Typically speaking, with the strong knowledge and skill base that BBA course provides, MBA / PGDM generally becomes a smoother sailing.

Faculty matters

If one has the right teachers to guide him, one can learn almost anything. This is where a typical BBA student at ASB gets benefitted as well on account of having such an intellectual capital around him who take care of more or less everything for the student. This intellectual capital transforms the student into a candidate worth of being accepted as a manager in the modern day corporate. With a teacher-student mix of about 1:10, a student gets adequate attention from teachers who go a long way into modeling the studentinto a good personality.

The unique Crafter Prodigy Program at Asian School of Business is designed to transform a BBA student into a good personality and make him corporate ready by the time he is out of the system.

Time and stress management

With so much of academics, live projects, case studies, Summer Internship Projects etc., it sometimes gets tough on the students as well. However, under such a stimulating and challenging environment, one learns how to manage time, be able to prioritize and able to beat the effects of stress. Over a period of time, student at ASB learns how to manage time and stress, after all this is what is expected from him working in a corporate.

Add on Specifics

In old days one used to be tagged as a good professional in case he was academically sound. But now the scenario has changed completely and hence ASB is focused on providing quality education and practical training with the aim to produce professionals that are industry-ready and are capable of solving management problems at domestic & global levels. Students in ASB learn the changing dynamics of the global business scenario through various learning initiatives such as:

  • Expert lectures
  • Industry Visits
  • Interactive Workshops
  • Case Studies
  • Role Plays
  • Soft Skill Development activities
  • Integrative Exercises and more
  • Additional Diplomas / Certification in form of
    1. Executive Certification Programme in Social Media Marketing & Business Analytics
    2. Additional Diploma in Media & Entertainment from Asian Academy of Film and TV (AAFT)
    3. Additional Diploma in Corporate Communication

Certification Program in Foreign Language