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  1. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to implement procedural transparency with all the staff members associated with Asian School of Business.

  1. Scope:

This policy is applicable on all the staff members (teaching/ non teaching, w.e.f. 6th July 2015.

  1. Core Principles
    1. Leadership: The Institute’s leadership at all sites and in all capacities, communicates the institute’s goals and values; facilitates teamwork, collaboration, and partnership; rewards achievement of desired outcomes; supports continuous learning and improvement; and encourages innovation and the capacity to respond to change. In doing so, the Institute’s leadership encourages each employee to take active responsibility for the mission and vision of the Institute and foster the development and use of each employee’s capability.
    2. Quality of Employment: The Institute is committed to create a sustainable workforce of highly qualified faculty and staff, to provide a positive environment of work for all and one that encourages balancing work and personal commitments.


  1. Equal Employment Opportunity: The institute is committed to the ongoing growth and development of an inclusive and positive environment for all staff and students which promotes and values equity and diversity.


  1. Compensation, Reward and Recognition: The Institute’s compensation program is administered fairly and equitably strengthening the tie between pay, performance and organizational success.
  2. Continuous Learning and Development: The Institute values and supports continuous learning, while understanding that continual learning is a core responsibility of each employee. To that end, it will provide structured development that integrates institutional mission, organizational and individual needs, and performance expectations.
  3. Response to Change: The Institute is constantly preparing itself for the challenges of the future. In doing so, during periods of changing needs, the Institute creates opportunities for employees to acquire the needed skills to continue to advance the mission of the Institute. In support of these principles, the Institute commits adequate resources for equitable support of employee development, compensation, reward and recognition across all units and among all employee classifications.
  1. Duties and Responsibilities

Each and every employee in the institute has some responsibilities and the employee should carry all the tasks assigned to him with the full of his ability,


  1. Principal /Dean:
  2. As the figure head of the institute, Principal/Dean should have the vision and leadership ability to keep a college developing.
  3. To monitor and conduct academic activities of the institute under the guidance of the management and assistance of the Deans and Head of Departments.
  4. To ensure and deliver Quality of Education.
  5. To take institute and faculty feedback and accordingly take the remedial actions.
  6. To plan and take the necessary actions for improvement of college results and academics.
  7. To promote industry institution interaction and research & development activity.
  8. To conduct the periodical meetings of the faculties for effective administration of the college.
  9. To make the employee and students aware of the rules, policies and procedures laid down by the college and see to it that they are enforced.
  10. To monitor and update the institute website with complete information about the institute.
  11. To recommend allocation of budget for the departments as requested by the Head of Departments to Governing body.


  1. Dean/Head of Department:
    1. To monitor and conduct academic activities of the department under the guidance of the Principal
    2. To take department and faculty feedback and accordingly take the remedial actions.
    3. To plan and take the necessary actions for improvement of department results and academic performance.
    4. To coordinate term work assessment and conduction of examinations as per the examination norms.
    5. To maintain discipline and enforce rules as laid down by the institute, in the department.
    6. To monitor the day to day activities of the department.
    7. To plan for the semester and academic year, in terms of activities, guest lectures, workshops etc. for the benefit of the student and faculty.
    8. To conduct regular meetings with teaching and non teaching staff as well as the Class Representatives to sort out any issue and queries related to academics.
    9. To prepare the department requirements and budget needed.


  1. Faculty Members:

Faculty Members includes all cadre categories as Professor, Associate Professor & Assistant Professor. The Duties and responsibilities are as follow:


  1. To understand and contribute towards attainment of institutes vision and mission.
  2. To follow all rules and regulations as laid down by the institute which include working time in the institute.
  3. To work sincerely to execute all duties towards academics which include planning and conduct of lectures, preparation for the course assigned, conduct of internal exams and to maintain the Course file and personal file in appropriate format.
  4. To use innovative teaching aids and adopt innovative teaching –learning methodologies.
  5. To counsel students and conduct extra lectures/ revision lectures for students requiring help.
  6. To organize/ coordinate/ attend various seminars/ workshops/training programs.
  7. To participate proactively in any research and development activities conducted in the department.
  8. To perform other academic/ administrative duties assigned by Head of the Department.
  9. Operational Duties:
  10. To obtain a copy of syllabus for the assigned course(s) from HOD/HOS
  11. To announce in class, syllabus and text/reference books to be followed in the course.
  12. To announce the scheme of evaluation to the students as per academic guidelines.
  13. Preparation of lesson and session plan keeping in mind CO’s and PO’s and outcome.
  14. Delivery of content in accordance to developed course file.
  15. Embark time to remove difficulties of students outside the classroom.
  16. To carry out the continuous internal assessment of students
  17. To prepare question papers in reference to examination policy
  18. Extend best possible support for the invigilation’s duties.
  19. To evaluate all answer books by stipulated time.
  20. To maintain a record of student’s performance & attendance for a period of one year.
  21. To inform the Dean/HOD about suggestions, if any, regarding the course content, new books to be procured, requirement of hardware/software tools.
  22. To submit soft binder of course file to the department along with Hard copy.
  23. Non-teaching technical staff:
  24. System and Technical Support:
    1. To update and maintain institute website with institute data.
    2. To administer and maintain servers, firewalls, routers, manageable switches UPS and batteries.
    3. To initiate purchasing of equipment’s.
    4. To provide support for various software servers.
    5. To ensure continuous internet during assigned hours.
    6. To give support to On-line exam, Seminar, Workshop, technical training program.
  25. Laboratory/ Technical Assistant:
    1. To prepare the laboratories for smooth conduction of laboratory session.
    2. To assist faculty and students during laboratory sessions.
    3. To maintain Dead stock register, Instrument Issue register and maintenance register
    4. To conduct installation of new equipment’s and maintenance of existing equipment’s.
    5. To maintain and update the approved supplier list for equipment’s.
  26. In charge-Library / Librarian:
    1. To implement all library rules as defined by the management.
    2. Responsible for overall functioning of the library.
    3. Responsible for procurement of recommended books, daily newspapers, journals, magazines, videos, CD’s, audio cassettes, e books, online resources etc. and renewal of books / magazines.
    4. To display all articles, literature and new arrivals.
    5. To circulate & distribute magazines, literature etc. to faculties & management and maintain records of the same.
    6. To execute any other work given by management.
  27. Training and Placement Officer:
    1. To maintain complete information regarding student appearing for placement activities.
    2. To conduct placement activities smoothly
    3. To decide and arrange for personal development programs for student.
    4. To update and maintain the contact details of companies interested in recruitment activities.
    5. To send invitation to industry and company for campus recruitment, to notify the students about the events and take necessary action.
    6. To take feedback from industry about the students recruited.
  28. Terms of Employment
  29. Employees will be hired in accordance to Recruitment and Selection Policy of the institute.
  30. Institute hereby promises to practice principle of Equal opportunity.
  31. Employee will be entitled to receive Salary, DA, HRA and other allowances as per the appointment letter.
  32. Employees hired for full time are not allowed to undertake any other assignment with any other educational or other kinds of organization either on honorary basis or otherwise without the written consent of the management of institute.
  33. The services will be on probation period of one year from the date of joining and can be terminated by either side by giving one months’ notice or payment of an equal amount to one-month salary in lieu of notice. However, one cannot leave the institute during the semester time and will report to the Principal of the institute.


  1. Employees are required to abide by all rules and regulations of institute as may be enforced from time to time and will report to the Principal of the institute.


  1. Employees are required to maintain confidentiality of the information/affairs of the institute.
  2. Separation (Resignation/Termination): (A) In the event of the termination of your services due to poor performance or any act of indiscipline or willful breach or negligence or dereliction of duty or disobedience of lawful and reasonable orders or conduct on or off duty which is prejudicial to the interest, good name or reputation of the organization, management reserves the right of payment/denial of the salary partially or fully. (B) If you wish to resign from the services during your probation period or otherwise, one month notice or salary thereof will be required to be served/paid to the organization. In the event of termination with any substantial reason, no notice will be tenable from the side of the organization and you will not be entitled to any compensation thereof. (C) In the event of notice by the organization without any substantial reason, the concerned employee will be relieved from the services, payment for 15 days salary will be made subject to smooth separation and exit interview.