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Animate IT!—Unleash your creativity, bring characters to life

The Technocrat Club at ASB is pleased to announce “Animate IT!—Unleash your creativity, bring characters to life” on Thursday, May 4, 2023.

Through this activity, we encourage students to form teams of 2-4 and create animated characters and a video of their own unique game idea i.e. the students are supposed to work on character, background, and the storyline of the game.

Judgement parameters include creativity and design, presentation skills, storytelling, and the uniqueness of the idea.

Important points to consider for the activity include:

– No team should exceed the time limit, and the required number of people is 2-4.

– You need to nominate yourself for the activity first, only the team leader needs to fill out the form.

– Think about a unique game idea, create its storyline, and depict it in the form of animated characters (minimum 4) with their names, backgrounds, and the entire idea of the game.

– Submit the character images, background, and video (if possible) with the written description of the game idea in a Google form by Wednesday, May 3, 2023 (form to be shared in due course of time).

– In the second round, you would need to present your game idea in front of a panel of judges. You are free to use video, PowerPoint, or an actual game to showcase it.

– Shortlisted teams will move to the final round and have to create the given character live in the computer lab.

– You are free to use any tool available.

Some tool suggestions for character and video design: Animaker, Adobe Character Animator, Canva,, Dall-e, etc.

 To nominate yourself for the activity, kindly fill out the below link by Tuesday, May 2, 2023, 11:55 p.m.

For any further queries on the details of the competition, please contact Prof. Suvidha Agarwal and Prof. Upesh Bhatnagar.