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With STUDENT OF THE YEAR (SOTY), the mega event at Asian School of Business around the corner, all of you would aspire to win the title. Student of the Year is one niche platform where all of you can showcase your best sides and win the ultimate title, proving yourself to be an all-rounder in every domain! The competition not only provides you with the platform to sharpen your skills, but it also is a lifetime accomplishment that sets you apart from the competition.

The winner from ASB Batch 2020 gets to take home a Grant/SEED Fund of Rs. 1 Lac along with the title `Student of the Year” and the winner from ASB Batch 2021 gets to win a HP Laptop and shall bag a direct entry into the Finale of Student of the Year’24!

SEMI FINALE ROUNDS (For both Batches)- 17th & 18th May’23

GRAND FINALE (For both Batches)- 23rd May’23

As shared with you all, the parameters of evaluation would be:

Round 1: IQ/QUIZ Round- This is a 30 mins online Quiz that would assess your aptitude, general knowledge, speed, reasoning & problem-solving ability. Please note that the quiz would not assess primarily your academic concepts or memory, but would be created keeping basic standards in mind (not requiring preparation) such that all the students will have an equal opportunity to participate and perform well irrespective of their past academic performance.

ROUND 2: Talent/Creativity Round- This round is a “2 min GIG” challenge where you need to showcase any talent of yours in front of the judges in just 2 minutes live. For eg, the talent can be dancing, singing, rap, beatboxing, instrument, poetry, shayari, stand-up comedy, art & craft, etc. This round would assess your creativity, confidence, stage presence, talent & overall presentation skills.

Kindly, note that whatever talent you are willing to showcase, it has to be shown live in front of judges and nothing that is pre-recorded or created would be allowed to display. Participant has to carry his/her prop, costume, music track, or any other arrangement that is required in the performance.

ROUND 3: Sports & Fitness: This round would test your athletic skills with agility, flexibility, physical & mental fitness, and endurance. It would be a generic race that would have hurdles wherein you would be expected to use your mind and body effectively to cross those. Please, note that this round would not assess you on a specific “sport” but the challenge will be created in such a way that anybody can perform.

In case you have still not nominated yourself, register on the below link latest by 14th May 2023:

 Hope we all are geared up for all the fun & excitement on campus!  

Let the preparations now begin & stay tuned to live the best days of your college life under this exciting event- SOTY! 

This is your time- SHOW TIME!.. and the race begins…