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BrandWiz 1.0 – 2023

BrandWiz is an event that incorporates a broad spectrum of activities ranging from brand quiz, to brand purchase decisions for creating collaborative synergy among the brands, and finally pitching the collaboration idea to the esteemed panel of judges. Students are invited to participate in the event as a team of three to five members. The objective of this event is to give students an opportunity to exhibit their brand related knowledge and a comprehensive skill set comprising managerial decision making along with communication, teamwork, creativity, and presentation abilities.

Important details of the event are as follows:

Date – 15th March 2023, Wednesday

Timing – 11:00am

Venue – Round 1: Computer Lab/Lecture Zone 301, Round 2 & 3: Auditorium

Registration Process: Only the team leader should fill the form for their respective team (3-5 members).


The activity is simple yet fun and comprises two qualifying rounds followed by a final round. The details are as below:

Round 1: Quizetto || Cross the Fence
The first round will be conducted online wherein the teams have to appear for a quiz having Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) based on general awareness and current knowledge related to the prominent as well as emerging brands.

Round 2: Rapido || The Speed Test
Top 20 teams will be shortlisted based on their scores in Round 1 and will be provided with virtual coin balance according to their scores. For example, if a team scores 10 points
in Round 1, 10 virtual coins will be credited to their BrandWiz wallet. These top 20 teams from round 1 will then compete in round 2 which will be a rapid fire brand quiz consisting of a rapid fire round followed by a Fastest Flashcard First round. Points earned by each team will be converted to virtual coins and will be credited to their BrandWiz wallet.

Fastest Flashcard :The team that raises the flashcard first gets a chance to answer the question. In the case of incorrect answer, the question will be passed to the audience.

Round 3: Synergy || The Finale

The cumulative scores of Round 1 and Round 2 i.e the total virtual coins in the BrandWiz wallet will be considered for selecting the top 10 teams qualifying for the final Round 3. The teams entering the finale will be participating in a brand auction which will have two lists of brands. Each team has to bid for one brand from each list using their BrandWiz wallet balance.
The brand once auctioned which goes to the highest bidder will not be considered for bidding by any other team later.

After the auction is over and each team has bough two brands (one from each of the two lists), team will pitch for collaboration between their two respective brands before a panel of judges.

➢ Time for Pitch Preparation: 30 min
➢ Time for Pitch Presentation: 2-5 min
➢ Language: English
➢ Marking Scheme: 100 points (separate weightage for each criterion)
➢ Judgement Criteria: Technical feasibility of collaboration (20) , Innovative solutions resulting from collaboration (20), Financial Returns from the collaboration (20), Enhanced Brand Equity through collaboration (20), Presentation Quality (10), Time Management (10)