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Budget Conclave 5.0

The Union Budget 2023–24 is an inclusive and progressive budget with a clear focus on Digital India, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Agritech, 5G, Social Entrepreneurship, and R&D. This will empower the youth to play a more significant role as India confidently marches towards inclusive prosperity. In order to provide a vision to students, Asian School of Business (ASB) is pleased to announce its mega-event, “Budget Conclave 5.0,” on March 3, 2023. This event will provide a platform for students to present their ideas and express their views on the present union budget.

Within the conclave, there will be twelve teams representing twelve industries. Speakers from each industry will talk about the impact of the budget on their chosen industry for about 10 minutes and give their insight on the budget presented. In order to register, the students are supposed to select one industry from the list of industries. Finally, a group of 5–6 students will be categorised into 12 industries.

Before the commencement of the conclave, the teams are required to conduct their research under the guidance of their respective faculty mentors. During the event, the speaker from each group, comprising 5–6 members, will represent their industries’ past performances and include the items proposed during the 2023 budget and their probable impact on the industry. The entire session will be moderated by two student representatives.

Then the house will be open for discussion, where the audience can contribute and provide their input. The evaluators from the industry will judge the event. The activity will eventually make the students aware of the impact of the budget on various sectors of our economy.