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Echoes of Green: Sambharye’s Nukkad Natak Extravaganza


The Community Service Club of Asian School of Business, Noida, proudly presents “Echoes of Green: Sambharye’s Nukkad Natak Extravaganza,” an upcoming event in collaboration with Sambharya Foundation. This unique occasion aims to not only showcase the inspiring initiatives of Sambharya but also bring environmental awareness to life through a powerful and entertaining street play.

Event Highlights:

Green Horizons Unveiled: A Sambharye Odyssey:

Immerse yourself in the world of environmental advocacy through an engaging presentation, shedding light on Sambharya Foundation’s impactful mission, projects, and milestones.

Nukkad Natak Spectacle: “Harmony in Motion”:

Witness the magic of live performance with “Harmony in Motion,” a thought-provoking nukkad natak presented by Sambharye’s talented ensemble. The street play promises to weave environmental narratives into an unforgettable theatrical experience.

Dialogue with Eco-Crusaders:

Engage in a dynamic conversation with Sambharye Foundation’s eco-crusaders. This interactive session offers students the chance to pose questions, discuss environmental challenges, and explore collaborative opportunities.

” Let’s join hands in bringing environmental awareness to the forefront and making a positive impact through both knowledge and entertainment.

Let the echoes of green resound!