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ECOBIZ-Let’s embrace sustainability!

The Entrepreneurship Development and Incubation Centre of the Asian School of Business is delighted to announce ‘Ecobiz’ – a live business event that unites the spirit of entrepreneurship
with the spirit of giving!

Concept of the event Incudes -students will be given an opportunity to create and sell eco-friendly products. The revenues earned through the event will be used to make a contribution to an NGO that AEG is associated with.

This event is the most fun way to get first-hand experience of entrepreneurship, and develop essential skills in marketing, operations and finance. Showcase your creativity in making unique,
eco-friendly product, exhibit your selling skills, and get an experience you will never forget!

Format of the event
1.    Students will be asked to participate in teams of up to 10 members.
2.    They will be given time to register their teams and to submit their ideas.
3.    The given ideas will be reviewed by EDIC faculty members and a total of 10 ideas will be finalised on 4th November’22
4.    The teams whose ideas have been shortlisted will be given a seed capital.
5.    The finalists will be allowed to brand and sell their products on campus on Friday, 9th November’22
6.    The winners will be decided on the basis of the return on investment earned by the student, i.e. the amount of profit earned.
7.    Profits earned from the sale of the products will be used by the college to make a contribution to an NGO.

Students are invited to participate and gear up for the most fun filled learning activity. Ecobiz will give you students a platform that would help you to explore great ideas in form of products,
plan it, brand it and sell it.

The activity will also help you to build stewardship to the environment and the society