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Festive Togetherness- Utsav: The Cultural Club Activity

With the festivals round the corner Utsav – The cultural Club at Asian School of Business brings to you an activity “Festive Togetherness” on 19th October 2022 to celebrate togetherness at Asian School of Business.

Highlights of the day

  • Dance Battle (with Dance styles of Bollywood, Bhangra, Garba, Dandiya, Classical, etc.)
  • Rangoli/Clay Modelling/ Drawing-Painting Competition
  • Singing Competition

Details of the event-


A 1vs1 battle is when an individual dancer goes up against other individual dancers. 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 (and so on) refer to the number of people in each crew. In these battles, the crew members each have a turn in each round of the battle.

In this competition, each participant/team gets 1 minute to showcase their signature steps in the preliminary round. Those who shortlist for the Final round need to compete with the opponent in battle Dance to win the competition.

Important points-

–       The theme is Ethnic and hence the choice of Songs should be likewise (Bollywood including folk songs)

– Theme-based dress code

–       For Round 1, you may choose any theme-based song, while for 2nd round, the Battle round, the songs will be played randomly by the club representatives


This is about showcasing your singing talent as an individual.


The rangoli-making/clay modelling/drawing-painting competition will constitute the following:

–       The participants will be allotted different spaces where they can make their rangoli/drawings-paintings and do their clay modelling.

–       The participants may bring their own rangoli colours/clay/A4 drawing sheets/colours

–       The theme of the competition will be announced and shared with registered participants

–       They can decorate the rangolis with diyas and flowers as per their preference.