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Patent Integration: An Innovation Challenge

In today’s economic environment, where jobs are riddled with unpredictability, more and more people want to start something of their own. It’s possible that even you, who are reading this, have thought so. However, what eludes most people is how to start something of their own or how to become an entrepreneur. Are entrepreneurs born entrepreneurs, or is entrepreneurship a skill that can be acquired?

Asian School of Business, Noida, is organizing an EDIC club activity on January 4, 2023, – Patent Integration: An Innovation Challenge. The activity is divided into two stages, where:

Stage 1: The students in a team of 2–4 are supposed to think of an innovative product that is patentable and register by 1st January 2023.

Stage 2: On January 4, 2022, the teams are supposed to present their product ideas to a panel of judges on the day of the activity.

The members of a particular team should role-play designations like “chief financial officer,” “chief marketing officer,” “legal expert,” “chief technical officer,” etc., and also bring a prototype of their product.

The team with the best product will be the winner, and they will be further guided to patent their product.

The evaluation will be based on the following: -Idea, – Market Opportunity – Road to Profitability, and Feasibility.

This activity is different from normal B-Plan activities in that the students will get an opportunity to patent their products. Patenting your product could have a lot of benefits for building up your business and career.

Research says that most of the Gen Z generation is entrepreneurial and risk-taking by nature. They do not want to simply work from nine to five but want to start something of their own. This activity could be a big opportunity for all those young ASBians entrepreneurs.