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Plantation Drive – Power of Nature

Let’s nurture the nature so that we can have a better future

Saving environment in today’s life is one of the most significant task, the reason being that the resources are necessary for all of us. Everyone aims to have a clean, healthy and a pure environment; but this calls for being alert and active towards saving the environment. In accordance to this, Asian School of business will organise an activity on the occasion of World Environment Day in order to spread awareness about the importance of Environment in India.

We owe a lot to the “World Environment day” and celebration of plants and trees is a lovely effort to protect the environment. Mostly, native trees are found to be planted because they are easily adaptable to the local conditions, blend into ecosystems, and have a high survival rate. Additionally, these trees support the local fauna, including birds, insects, and animals.
For multiple reasons, it is an imperative task to spread awareness about the environmental crisis our world is going through, and the steps we could take to reduce pollution to make it sustainable. The plantation drive will make our students understand the importance of planting trees and evoke in the students the need to save the environment in order to save our planet. It is really an impactful event, as planting a tree actually means looking after the nature and nurturing it.

We take a great pleasure to organise an activity on this occasion.

Plantation drive followed by theme “Power of Nature”

Date: – 08th June,2023

Time: – 2:00 P.M

For this Plantation activity students will be bringing one sapling to plant them in the college campus so as to create an awareness on different environment issues and will be able to adapt a habit of planting more trees and plants to make the environment clean and green.
At the end, the students and faculty will take a pledge to plant the maximum trees possible to make our environment clean and green and enhance the quality of life for us and our future generations.