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Student of the Year (SOTY)

With the prestigious Student of the Year event just around the corner at Asian School of Business, it’s time for all of you to gear up and aspire to claim the coveted title. Student of the Year is not just an event; it’s a platform where you can showcase your best attributes and prove yourself to be an all-rounder in every domain!

The competition offers you an unparalleled opportunity to sharpen your skills and achieve a lifetime accomplishment that sets you apart from the rest. The winner from ASB Batch 2021 will be awarded a Grant/SEED Fund of Rs. 1 Lac along with the esteemed title “Student of the Year.” Additionally, the winner from ASB Batch 2022 will receive a HP Laptop and earn a direct entry into the Finale of Student of the Year’25!

Important Dates:

Semi-Final Rounds (For both Batches): 22nd May 2024

Grand Finale (For both Batches): 24th May 2024

Evaluation Criteria:

Round 1: IQ/QUIZ Round

Prepare for a 30-minute online Quiz assessing your aptitude, general knowledge, speed, reasoning, and problem-solving abilities. This quiz aims to provide an equal opportunity for all participants, irrespective of past academic performance.

Round 2: Talent/Creativity Round

In this round, you’ll face the “2 min GIG” challenge, where you must showcase your talent live in front of the judges. Whether it’s dancing, singing, rap, beatboxing, poetry, stand-up comedy, or any other talent, make sure to bring your A-game and impress with creativity, confidence, and stage presence.

Round 3: Sports & Fitness

Put your athletic skills to the test with agility, flexibility, physical and mental fitness, and endurance. This round features a generic race with hurdles designed to challenge both your mind and body effectively.

Please note that all talents must be performed live, and pre-recorded or created content will not be allowed. Participants are responsible for bringing any props, costumes, music tracks, or arrangements required for their performance.

The countdown to the most thrilling event on campus, SOTY, has begun! It’s time to kickstart the preparations and gear up for the best days of your college life.


It’s SHOW TIME, and the race to glory begins now! 🌟🏆

Stay tuned for more updates and let’s make SOTY an event to remember!