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The Bollywood Battle

Utsav, The Cultural Club at Asian School of Business is back with yet another fun-filled activity, “The Bollywood Battle,” on March 29, 2023, at AEG Auditorium. With three rounds comprising of the Cinema Reels, Guess the Buzz, and the Bollywood Quiz, one would get an opportunity to create, watch, enact, live, and showcase their love for Bollywood using different art forms and expressions. The premises await you for an exciting opportunity to showcase your talent and explore the bright colours of Indian cinema.

Within the first round, students are expected to form teams and enact or recreate iconic Bollywood scenes from their favourite movies involving a part of an iconic song, which can be sung or expressed in the form of a musical. Rules for round 1 are:

  • Teams can have a maximum of six members.
  • The maximum duration of the performance can be 3–4 minutes.
  • This will be a preliminary round, and the teams will be shortlisted for further rounds on their performance in round 1.
  • The judgement criteria will mainly include dialogue delivery, costume, and expressions.

Within the second round, i.e., the Antakshari round, an incomplete audio of some of the famous Bollywood songs would be played to the shortlisted teams, and they would have to guess the song first and then follow it up by singing and completing one part of the song. Rules of round 2 are:

  • The time slot for guessing the song will be 10 seconds for each team.
  • 10 points will be provided for each correct answer.
  • No negative marking for any wrong answer.

Within the third round, i.e., the Bollywood quiz, the rules will be as below:

  • This will be a buzzer-beater round.
  • Teams that have qualified for the second round will enter the Bollywood quiz.
  • All the teams together would be provided with 10 general trivial Bollywood questions; the team that buzzes first gets the chance.
  • The time slot will be 10 seconds for each team to answer.
  • 5 points for a correct answer and no points for a wrong answer

The teams with the most accumulated points in the third round will be the winners of the activity.