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The Triumph Sphere

Our journey so far has been a lesson for us to understand the importance of expressing our opinions and thoughts, which has taken us one step closer to a liberal and independent society. There have been various ways in which we have moulded ourselves to express what we feel. To explore a new way of expression, the Human Values and Counselling Cell and the Research and Development Cell bring you “The Triumph Sphere” on Thursday, April 13, 2023. The activity will provide the students with a platform to plan, research, and discuss. This activity is divided into three parts:

Activity 1: Investiture: Theme: Global Leaders

A perfect space to begin a day that is full of inspiration, motivation, and determination. Students will make use of drama as an art form to begin with the ceremony, where the theme of the day and its importance will be highlighted. This phase invites you to begin the ceremony by depicting the glorious lives of the global leaders by performing the distinctive and turning points in the lives of the leaders with global recognition in the field of business and management in the form of role plays, musical plays, etc. Students may register in teams of performers who will also do research about the global leader and bring out the exclusive motivational and thought-provoking events of the leader’s life.

Activity 2: Panel Discussion : Theme: Global Entrepreneurship

Students are required to research and present their opinions about global entrepreneurship in terms of the following aspects:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Digitalization: The New Trend in Business
  • Sustainability
  • Women Entrepreneurs
  • The Unicorn Business

Students may select topics related to the above mentioned aspects and submit them in the form. The students who opt for topics related to similar aspects will be clubbed into a panel with a moderator. The duration for the presentation of ideas would be 5–6 minutes for each presenter. Students may register as an individual speaker or moderator and can also register their team of researchers if they wish to have their support in preparing their presentation.

Activity 3: ASBx Talks: Theme: Icons, Geniuses, and Mavericks

This is an opportunity to imagine yourself and simulate being a Ted Speaker, where students may explore their presentation skills and upgrade them to become an effective and life changing speaker. This phase involves talks of 10-15 minutes in the mode of a mock Ted Talk, where the ideas of choosing the right icons, developing as genius leaders, and working as a maverick should be discussed. Participants are free to choose their own creative style for delivering the talk, with the language restricted to only English. No indecent or provocative content would be allowed, and any participant found to be using such content – verbal or non-verbal, will be expelled from the activity with immediate effect. Students have to register for this activity as individual speakers only.

Students interested in participating should fill out the registration link before the mentioned deadline.