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Web-A-Thon 2.O

“Web-A-Thon 2.O – A Web Development Competition” is being organised by Technocrat Club at Asian School Business on November 8, 2023, with the goal of introducing young minds to innovation, enthusiasm, and teamwork.

The purpose of this web design-based exercise is to demonstrate the students’ abilities in both design and presentation. All Asian School of Business students are eligible to participate in the Web-a-Thon 2.O. Students from all fields and backgrounds are welcome to participate in this event, offering their distinct viewpoints and thoughts. Students must work in groups of three to five to develop a web site design using any kind of design software, including HTML/CSS, Figma, Sketch, Canva, WordPress, etc. In the second round, they would need to showcase their designs to a panel of judges. They will have a short window of time to create their creations and show them to the judges.

The following criteria are used to make judgments: – Presentation Skills; – Design and Content Quality. – Teamwork.

Following their battle for a spot in the next round, the chosen teams will get a design job that they must complete in a set amount of time and present to the judges at the conclusion of the activity. The same evaluation criteria as in round one would apply in this round as well. The winning team will get winner certificate for their superior presentation and design work.