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Web-A-Thon – A Web Development Competition

With an aim to acquaint young minds with creativity, enthusiasm, and teamwork, Technocrat Club at ASB is pleased to announce – “Web-A-Thon – A Web Development Competition” on 21th Dec 2022.

This activity is based on Web Designing and aimed to showcase the Students’ skills in both design and presentation. The Web-a-Thon is open to all students of the Asian School of Business. Students from various backgrounds and disciplines can participate in this event, bringing their unique perspectives and ideas to the table. Students needs to form a team of 3-5 members, in which they need to create a web design with the help of any designing tools such as: HTML/CSS, Figma, Sketch, Canva, WordPress, etc. also they have to made presentation to present what they’ve designed. They will get few minutes to come up with their designs and present them to the judges.

Judgment parameters include Quality of Design & Content, – Presentation Skills. – Teamwork.

After battling to secure position in the second round, the selected teams will get a task for design in given time, which they have to present to judges at the end of the activity. The judgment parameters in this round would be the same as round 1. The team that will win, will be awarded by prize for their design and presentation skills.

Important points to consider

  • No team should exceed the time limit and the required number of people.
  • Team can use any tool to design website like – HTML/CSS, Figma, Sketch, WordPress, etc.
  • Team will get limited amount of time to submit their design and presentation. If they can’t, they will be disqualified.

Some suggestions for theme selection are –

  • Car Showroom • Book Store • Game Shop • XYZ Event.

To participate in the activity, kindly register by filling the form positively by 16th December 2022