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Do you remember a few years back, social media was just about getting the most likes on your pictures from your friends and family? 

But now the game has changed altogether! Today we use social media platforms to share crucial information, promote services, and products, and even let people into our social feeds through live streaming and Vlogs!

Truly said, social media is an ever-evolving platform. With the constant algorithmic upgrades and marketing strategies, social media networking has today transformed the way it is perceived and used.


This change in technology and the way we use social media at a rapid pace is a bit scary yet exciting. And hence the question is: What is the next thing that could happen? or what should we expect next from social media marketing? Are we going to dive deep into the virtual world completely?

In this blog today, let’s find out together what Social Media Marketing is holding for us and how it will give new dimensions to the way we use the internet. 


In Trend Social Media Marketing tactics in 2022

social media trends


As we all know, nowadays, Social Media offers more than just news feeds, static advertisements, and a few apps. It has more to give to the audience than anybody had ever imagined! 

Latest technologies in digital and social media marketing have opened the door to all sorts of channels for buyers, brands, companies, businesses, and consumers.

Here are a few of those SMM trends that have been creating a buzz and will help you to gauge a perspective about the future of Social Media Marketing:


Video Content

video content


Visual content is growing faster than any other content channel. TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram reels are great examples in front of us. These social media platforms have a pool of content for any imaginable niche. 

Today, through live streaming, marketers are allowing consumers to take a sneak peek of what’s going behind the scenes in their industry, adding that personalized touch and establishing trust among them.

Businesses looking forward to engaging potential prospects first need to recognize the latest video trends, thereby evolving marketing strategies and producing the required video content for the target audiences.


Artificial Intelligence

AI in Social Media marketing


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the present and future of marketing. 

Marketers are using AI to provide customized and personalized content that was not possible with traditional marketing techniques. AI allows computers to make human-like decisions without any direct supervision.

Similarly, Chatbots are also the creation of artificial intelligence. It has become increasingly popular and has minimized the physical barriers between customers and brands. Using this technology, reaching out to customers has become so effortless.

Brands are switching to this technology to make a better customer experience. With its quick responsive nature, problems get an immediate solution. 

Influencer Marketing

Social media marketing Trends


It is no surprise that every customer expects to see authenticity in any product or service provided. 

Before Influencer Marketing, brands, and businesses depended upon celebrities to promote their product or services. But with time, people started losing interest in the same old pattern of marketing. They even started to question the authenticity of the product.

So with no other option left, brands turned to social media influencers. It took a whopping curve, what a boom has been witnessed! Today influencer marketing is a billion-dollar business and is expected to be on the radar of 2022 and beyond.


Social Commerce

social media marketin trends


Social Commerce is another Social Media Marketing tactic that has been helping businesses grow and reach out to people without any physical contact. 

Social Commerce has saved a lot of small, large businesses, and startups facing difficult situations amidst the pandemic. 

It involves basically the use of social media platforms to sell products directly to customers. From product promotion to online transactions, everything today takes place on an online platform. Here, you allow customers to comment or share their views about your products or services, giving you insights into the customer experience while creating brand awareness simultaneously.

Although these above-mentioned social media marketing tactics are only a few of the trends to watch out for in 2022. But they have literally the best potential to transform your business’s social media strategy into a big success. 

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