Dr. Anam Afaq

Dr. Anam Afaq is an academician, researcher, and certified digital marketer. She has earned her PhD in Marketing Management, with a specialized focus on the pivotal role of Social CRM in enhancing customer service and loyalty in the hospitality industry. Dr. Anam’s research prowess has resulted in multiple publications in esteemed international journals and conferences, all of which are Scopus-indexed. Her remarkable contributions have graced the pages of renowned international journals and conferences, including the prestigious ABDC A category journals such as the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management and Tourism Recreation Research. Moreover, she has also lent her expertise to reviewing research papers for esteemed journals like Current Issues in Tourism and TQM Journal.

She has also extended her passion for knowledge dissemination by actively engaging in course material development for various certification courses. She has meticulously crafted course materials that blend her academic expertise with practical insights. Anam further demonstrates her dedication by delivering these courses as an online instructor. Her research interests span across several domains, including Digital Marketing, Technology and Innovation, Big Data Analytics, Hospitality and Tourism, and Netnography. In addition to her academic contributions, she is also an active human rights educator, underscoring her unwavering commitment to promoting social justice and equity.