Prof. Shubhika Gaur

Prof. Shubhika Gaur is an accomplished academician and HR professional currently serving as an Assistant Professor in Marketing at Asian Business School. With a strong educational background and extensive experience in both teaching and corporate domains. Ms. Shubhika Gaur currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Marketing. She completed her Master’s degree in Marketing after earning her Commerce Graduate degree, showcasing her dedication to building a comprehensive understanding of the field. With a combined experience of 7.5 years, Ms. Gaur has an excellent blend of teaching and corporate experience. She has spent 4.5 years as a faculty, imparting her knowledge and mentoring students in various marketing disciplines. Prior to her academic career, she gained 3 years of valuable corporate experience in the HR domain. She has a broad range of interests within the field of marketing. Her areas of specialization include Marketing Management, Business Law, Organizational Behavior, Industrial Law, Advertising Management, Sales and Distribution, Retail Marketing and Consumer Behavior. As a passionate researcher, Ms. Gaur has contributed significantly to the academic community. She has published numerous papers in esteemed National and International Journals, including those indexed in renowned platforms such as SCOPUS, ABDC, Google Scholar citation indexing and EBSCO. Her research work demonstrates her dedication to advancing knowledge in marketing and her commitment to staying updated with the latest trends and developments in the field. In addition to her research publications, Ms. Gaur has also published various patents. She actively participates in conferences and workshops conducted by reputed institutions. Her presence in such events allows her to network with fellow academicians and industry professionals, further enhancing her knowledge and insights.